Junior Library Guild Award

The Junior Library Guild has chosen one of Greg's illustrated books as a Spring 2009 selection. This guild selects and reviews books before they are published. The book, The Outlandish Adventures of Liberty Aimes written by Kelly Easton, is intended for a 9-12 year old audience and will be released on June 9th. Greg Swearingen painted the book jacket and created 29 illustrations for the interior of the book. "I was given a lot of artistic freedom to interpret the story and Kelly Easton's "outlandish" characters were especially fun and refreshing."

While working on the project, Greg read the book several times and even listened to it read aloud as he painted the illustrations. This helped him maintain the mood of the story as he worked. He incorporated Ms. Easton's creative metaphors into his art where possible. For example, in one chapter Ms. Easton compared the pages of a book to the leaves of a tree. Her metaphor inspired Greg's design for the library that Liberty visits in the story.